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  • 20:36 Fri 4/16/2004
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My half of an art trade with a friend. She wanted a forest fae lion from the Amazon, and this is what I came up with. His name is Tikal, and he's the guardian and rules of the Amazon Rainforest. His design having been inspired from tropical birds.

09:01 Sat 4/17/2004
That is a well coloured picture *jealous of colouring ability* lol well done it's a great design.

10:30 Sat 4/17/2004
I just have to say one thing: /wings/. /Amazing/. That is such a unique design, and it's coloured spectacularly. :) I just had to comment. Very nice work.

01:37 Sun 4/18/2004
Crazy insane amazing skills here. *oogles*

04:08 Sun 4/18/2004
Cat Hicks
beautiful character design.

04:51 Sun 6/6/2004
Jamani B
Oooh, amzing coloring style! Keep it up! I wish I had such wing coloring ability....

14:54 Fri 7/9/2004
lil' lyon
THAT IS SO COOL... & Beautiful ^^ I wish I could color and make backgrounds like that O.O

14:32 Wed 2/13/2008
Hey I just Love your art but I cant do any of my own could you make me a Suicune lioness Please?

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