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  • Lion King
  • 23:58 Thu 5/9/2019
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Art block. Ugh. So I made an attempt at drawing an adolescent Zuri from TLG (whomItotallyshipwithKionok), because drawing is better than not drawing! ✏️

Changing medium also tends to help getting some inspiration back, so I tinkered with my graphite aquarelle pencils as well. I love them and am sloowly figuring out how to use them xD Original is geryscale, but I added a bit of sepia tone for the scan (which looks quite different from the original anyway..!)

21:08 Fri 5/17/2019
Alan the leopard
Ah, "art block"- such fond memories that words brings to me ^^ A word that I always associate with this site, rather than DA...

That said, if this is what you can do with art-block, I wish that I had your problem ;)

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