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So I think I posted this on all my channels except this one, the one where it was supposed to be... Shame on you, Kanu - shame!

Anyway! Since AquaNova redrew a gift she made for me in 2005 and I said that if she did that, I would have to redraw the one I made for her too! So I did :D Nearly 14 years later, here we are... again! I love revisiting old pieces, especially these extra nostalgic ones that meant a lot at the time <3

2005 version for reference...
It's nice to see that things do get better ;P

20:00 Tue 4/30/2019
This brings back a lot of memories! <3

22:00 Tue 5/7/2019
Alan the leopard
Classic works are quite probably the most valuable of all we have made over he years, and the more (the older) the merrier ^^ 14 years already... it´s so hard to believe... Time flies for sure!

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