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"They're behind me making those stupid faces again. I don't even have to turn around to know it. I hate those stupid faces they make."
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So the trailer came out today and I'm. Less than impressed and got me thinking about how much I love the original and, naturally, I remembered this lovely place. So I thought I'd share a little thing I did late last year when the teaser first came out. 😊

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03:52 Thu 4/11/2019
This is brilliant! XD

03:35 Sun 4/14/2019
Thank you so much!! :'D

16:09 Fri 4/12/2019
Love it!

-I was less than impressed by the trailer as well! Especially Scar's voice and coloring!

03:35 Sun 4/14/2019
Hahah thank you!! And ooof yeah, Scar is just so...not Scar now!!!

15:08 Sun 4/14/2019
Sukala A.P.
Holy Guacamole! You're on this website too! It's fantastic! I really love this picture, just like I adore all of your works! Your style is so fun to feast eyes upon! <333

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