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  • 21:40 Wed 4/3/2019
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I might have figured out why I love Scar so much!

He made three very factual and realistic Quotes in the Movie:
"Life's not fair is it?"
"I am surrounded by Idiots"
and "Be prepared"

It reminds me so much of my School XP

Pic is Based on:

PS. I had to draw his eyes five times in order to get that "Angry/Evil" look since I tend to make eyes cute X3

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the "Scar" Font was created in (Thank you KimiKubby for the reminder) ^^;

11:28 Fri 4/5/2019
That is why Uncle Scar is my favorite also hahah! XD

12:49 Sun 4/7/2019
Lily the pink

14:24 Fri 4/5/2019
This is a brilliant Scar! :D:D

Oh yes. Definitely reminds me of school as well..... xD

The font is amazing too! :O
Edited 14:24 Fri 4/5/2019

12:50 Sun 4/7/2019
Lily the pink
Thank you <3

I forgot to mention that the "Scar" Font was created in

Thank you KimiKubby for the reminder to post a link to that site!

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