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Hey! Look! Listen!

It's Link! as a Lion!

Legend of Zelda (C) to Nintendo

EDIT: Had to re-upload this pic since it uploaded twice for an odd reason (???)

07:00 Thu 3/21/2019
This is great Lily! Love that he's still got his cap as a lion ^.^ Oh no now the themes gonna be stuck in my head again haha

15:33 Thu 3/21/2019
Lily the pink
Thank you <3

Now I have the LoZ theme song stuck in my head too! LOL
Edited 12:52 Sun 4/7/2019

08:16 Sun 4/14/2019
One of my favourite gamers!!! I love link c: I’ve been debating on drawing him as a lion for years XD glad to see so,embody do it it’s so cool

23:12 Mon 4/15/2019
Lily the pink
You should totally draw Link as a lion! The breath of the wild Link! (or maybe princess Zelda) ;D

And, thank you for the sweet comment <3

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