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The First King, page 115.

Ugh, this page took me so long! The inspiration just kept coming and going...

Here's a fun fact: Shupavu, Katili & their clan and the scenes with them weren't part of my original script. I added them to the story last year, because I wanted to show Jasiri's ancestors in this comic... and because I wanted to show that not every hyena clan in this story is like Najah's.

10:58 Thu 3/14/2019
I really love the way you draw the hyenas!

11:08 Thu 3/14/2019
Thanks! :)

01:00 Fri 3/15/2019
Those cubs had better run!

12:21 Sat 3/16/2019

02:41 Sat 3/16/2019
Glad to see this is still going strong! I am loving the story! Well, ALL of your stories, really :D Keep it up!

12:24 Sat 3/16/2019
Thanks! :D

03:25 Sun 3/17/2019
Athina K
Awesome page, can’t wait to see what happens 😳!!! Nice Lion Guard reference by the way hahah 👍🏼

12:55 Sun 3/24/2019
Thanks! :P

18:20 Tue 3/19/2019
Sukala A.P.
Is it me, or in your comics, characters with red hue in their designs are the feistiest and most agressive types, while the blue toned ones are the most gentle and compassionate ones? From what I've seen in your comic, we had Mirembe and Amara as an example, and now it's these two hyena folks. Just wanted to point out something I've noticed. :)

12:55 Sun 3/24/2019
Well, red is an aggressive color, whereas blue is a calm, cool color. ;)

02:22 Sun 3/31/2019
Is that Janja's Clan?

14:07 Sun 4/14/2019
No, Jasiri's. Or actually they're the ancestors of Jasiri's clan.

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