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  • 15:12 Fri 3/1/2019
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Zee's Profile picture. Zee actually has a fairly main role in all my stories. Him and Levar I think are the only ones who appear as main characters in three different story lines. Zee is king of his own pride. Is he a good guy or a bad guy is sort of up to those who read the stories and can decide. He is known as an excellent hunter. Are those stories true or false is completely up to the reader. While we know his son has made up stories it is never fully said if Zee is really as great as he says or if he is just making it up as he goes. Zee can be found in the two things below.

Levar's Life (Game):
Moson's Comic:

02:05 Wed 3/6/2019
DUDE this looks amazing! I love the shading, it looks like a screencapture ^^

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