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  • 00:54 Fri 2/8/2019
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Rest in pepperoni, little butterfly.

15:31 Fri 2/8/2019
XD That face of 'hmmm..... NOPE!' XD

Poor butterfly! D: So it's a life long hatred of bugs she's had then...

15:41 Fri 2/8/2019
Sukala A.P.
I guess so. She just cannot stand termites either. :P

08:33 Mon 2/11/2019
Alan the leopard
Knowing what does "Zira" mean in Swahili, I find it nonsense or else puzzling naming a newborn like that, as it from the very beginning such a cub showed hatred towards everything (or most of the things) around, while actually any character has to grow up enough so as to develop a personality of their own, and that would come in most likelihood after their "cubhood"...

I think it would make better sense if her real name was another, milder or else more neutral or common name, while "Zira" became a kind of nickname or something.

15:03 Mon 2/11/2019
Sukala A.P.
Welp, let's just say that Zira's former family doesn't follow the ''name meaning'' tradition like the Pridelanders do.

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