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  • 13:48 Wed 2/6/2019
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"uhh... Vitani...should we even be here..? My dad says the elephant graveyard isn't safe..."

The mist slowly started to rise around the two cubs as they ventured deeper into the graveyard.

Vitani turned around to Kopa with a smug grin.

"Nonsense Kopa, I come here all the time. And stop being such a wuss. You need to stop caring so much about what SImba thinks and have fun!"

And off she went, further in, with Kopa slowly slinking behind her.

Unbeknownst to them, a terrible fate would soon happen that day.

I have never been more proud about a piece of artwork like this one! I'm really pleased with how these characters turned out :D i always forget the darn whiskers on kopa.

00:27 Thu 2/7/2019
Awesome work :3 You're improving so quick <3

12:25 Mon 2/11/2019
thank you so much <3

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