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The First King, page 114.

Uh-oh... :o

01:24 Thu 1/24/2019
Athina K
Finished this story two days ago and was so happy to see the new page hahah 😂

Nkosi’s Story is my favourite, I like how you show that the early days of the Pride Lands were more brutal and bloody, and it took generations for the Lion Kings to be the respected and polished rulers we know 😊 And the characters are so believable and charming!! Amara rocks because she was never jealous of Mirembe, and Nkosi is wise but understandably struggling to make the right decisions!

God, I hope you work for Disney 😊

11:31 Sat 1/26/2019
Haha, thank you! :D I'm glad you like my comic.

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00:59 Fri 3/15/2019
Eep :o

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