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My version of Nala's dad.

00:40 Tue 1/8/2019
That's' a nice design^^

00:41 Tue 1/8/2019
Sukala A.P.
Thank you.

23:29 Tue 1/8/2019
Alan the leopard
Let's talk a bit about Nala´s father, if you don't mind (just in case it was not such a burn-out topic, which surely is... XP).

As I bet that you know, TLK directors did not care so much about who Nala´s father was (irrelevant to the development of the action).

Then amongst fans there was that debate on whether he was Mufasa or even Scar.

In my view, Nala bears no resemblance with Scar (fur hue, not even the eyes shape and color, and what's more important, his personality).

The addition of a third lion, brother to both Mufasa and Scar, would not help so much to save the simple and inevitable fact that such a third brother would make it that Nala and Simba were RELATIVES, rather than "friends", as they have always been presented.

In other words, and if that's true, then Nala and Simba coupling is a shocking case of... INCEST!! Ô.Ô *blink-blink* Been half-ironical, then I understand why was Kiara that silly all along her life (you know what happens with genetics when two individuals genetically related do have offspring, don't you?... XP)

The only possible way out is that Nala´s father was a rogue; a lion not genetically related with Mufasa and Scar. But still then we have another problem: if we don't want to make TLK lions purely fictional and make them keep some bound with real lions (so that we can still call them "lions", and not "lion-based or lion-inspired cartoons"), we should remember that real lions are not keen at all about genetic competition, which means that if Nala was born, she wouldn't have make it beyond her "cubhood"... unless Mufasa was good-hearted (but also naïve) enough so as to spare her... :P

Nala´s father... a messy and possible catch-22 situation which I personally prefer to keep MASKED, and let the mystery fly in a galaxy far, far away:

17:36 Wed 1/9/2019
Sukala A.P.
Well, you have to keep in mind that the animals are mentally anthropomorphized, so it's pretty normal that there is sometimes a little lack of accuracy towards reality.

Speaking of anthropology, that leads to a certain theory of mine. I wrote an article about it in another site that you can read here:
Edited 17:37 Wed 1/9/2019

10:48 Thu 1/10/2019
Alan the leopard
This is going way beyond "a little lack of accuracy"; not to say when we talk about TLG... Even as a movie for children, I don't see it right to give children such a fake and misleading image on lions. On the contrary, children should be taught on how are lions really like, or not deviate much from reality, so that children do not build a wrong image on these animals.

And back to Nala and her relationship with Simba, if it is true that they are relatives rather than just "friends", the next big question is- how could it be that Nala fell into the silly mistake of falling in love with him, pairing him and even have cubs with him?... If Nala is as wise as she has always been depicted, that clearly goes against her wisdom.

12:16 Thu 1/10/2019
Sukala A.P.
Sometimes, it's just better off adding a touch of fantasy. If kids want to learn the true nature of animals, they'd be better off with documentaries of REAL LIFE ANIMALS instead of a DISNEY CARTOON advised toward SMALL CHILDREN.

20:22 Thu 1/10/2019
Alan the leopard
I know and I agree: reality can be quite restrictive and we need to "spread ourselves" and let our imagination go a little bit. But the problem is that with every LK-related movie they are becoming more and more departed from reality, and that needs to be stopped.

The first movie for a start is quite "unloyal" to reality in certain aspects, starting with a full grown male lion taking so much care of a cub of his. Would it be so difficult to replace Mufasa and/or Simba with Sarabi and/or Nala in the role of the protagonist´s main keeper (pretty much like Bambi´s mother, or Tarzan´s gorilla adoptive mother)? And then a lion befriending animals from different species, the majestic yet cynical, hypocritical, incoherent FARCE ritual at Pride Rock with every new cub that is born... oh well... *sigh and rolls eyes*

Then TLK2 showing two rival lion prides coming together by the end. Why not keeping them as they were by the beginning? At least was that quite loyal to reality, and children accepted that just as anything else. Zira paranoid? Indeed she was, but at least she showed such a real hatred towards Simba and his pride. Even Zira´s concern about Kovu´s growth was in a way quite real (regardless her Machiavelli-like plan to take over Simba´s power). You see what I mean?...

TLK 1 1/2 is fine in that it´s basically a parody, a comedy. A good deviation from reality. Let's leave it there, for now.

TLG? No comment (I don't want to vomit >XP)

Documentaries are at most for children who are already a bit grown up, but for small children I guess that it´s more amusing, appealing and entertaining to see cartoons rather than real animals, and if you do show a documentary on real lions to children, you might need to omit certain scenes, like hunting, eating, fighting or mating. Hence what I said.

In other words, what I mean is making a kind of "cartoon documentary" on lions, using cartoon lions rather than real lions. In the making of TLK they described it as "a kind of National Geographic documentary", and to be honest I cannot see well how...

21:05 Thu 1/10/2019
Sukala A.P.
You are kind of right, some cartoons do have touches of reality, and that way, it kind of eliminates bit by bit the famous stereotype of cartoons being only for children. And I agree, we do use animated cartoons to educate children in an entertaining way. Even the biggest cultural masterpieces are not left flawless, heck, nothing's really flawless in this universe of ours. And it's perfect that way.

And wow, they really labeled The Lion King as this? Yeah, I don't really see how either. Welp, that's all I've got. We both see the same movie, yet we see two different things. And it's cool.

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