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  • 21:42 Wed 1/2/2019
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Art Trade with Fullmoonhangover

Her lovely and magical character Andromeda playing with a blue moon - using her magical powers to play with the stars and moons- or perhaps seeing into the future using her soothsayer abilities using the stars and planets.

I had fun drawing and coloring this character and background -

I hope you'll like it <3

23:29 Thu 1/3/2019
I love her SO MUCH!!!! Thank you!

I promise I will get to work on yours ASAP, I’m just finishing up my work week and then I’ll be on it <3

04:39 Fri 1/4/2019
Lily the pink
I'm so happy you love her ^^ and thank you so much for doing an art-trade with me

and take your time with your artwork (no worries)

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