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  • 15:57 Fri 12/28/2018
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Just a little character design I was messing around with, I uploaded her on DA as a draw to adopt, so I might do the same here; She’s a lion x king cheetah cross, with a docked tail, something like a witch doctor, is blind in both eyes but can still “See”!

00:32 Sat 12/29/2018
She looks beautiful <3 I'm wondering when is the deadline? :0 I might join when I'm fully back online :3

03:50 Sat 12/29/2018
Awe thank you so much! For now I have decided to keep her! (I’m so sorry I’ve been away for some time and I’m still not sure if/how I can edit captions for photos) However I would be happy to take a character creation request and I will likely be creating a species for these cats!

03:44 Sat 1/5/2019
No prob <3 And that's alright, to edit your description, you go into 'art manager' and click 'artwork' and the drawing should have 'actions' at the right, click that and click edit. I hope that makes sense Cx
And ooo I'd love one but its up to you <3

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