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  • 21:17 Fri 12/21/2018
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Well well, this is new! I started painting rocks earlier this year! While I haven’t done any recently, I did paint these two lions a while back. Hopefully I can manage to do more and hide them around my town for others to find and share ^-^ <3

22:47 Fri 12/21/2018
Lily the pink
Those rocks are so CUTE! and their manes are shaped as hearts! LOVE IT!

23:53 Fri 12/21/2018
Thank you!! I really noticed that with the second one, I didn’t really know how else to do them xD <3

02:52 Sat 12/22/2018
Naaaaaaaaaaaw! ^-^

08:39 Sat 12/22/2018
<3 <3

03:51 Sat 12/22/2018
Sukala A.P.
Oh, that's really cute and creative! You could give them to some kids, they'd surely love a tiny, yellow lion face! :)

08:41 Sat 12/22/2018
That’s what I’m hoping! Rock painting and hiding is a big thing around here and I hope I can make a bunch more so I can hide them and let people find them and enjoy them. I have a school nearby so maybe I can hide them there? ;) thank you so much! <3

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