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  • 10:49 Tue 12/18/2018
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I want to thank Sukala A.P. for the advice she gave me, last summer, on how make Scar look more evil! *hug's*

and, oh my gosh, he looks evil!

I might go back to my "cute" style since its less scary XD

03:55 Sat 12/22/2018
Sukala A.P.
Oh wow, now that's the evil Scar that we know! Just look at him!

Then he got an idea. An awful idea! Scar got a wonderful, awful idea!

You perfectly succeeded to make the creepy, evil guy we all know and love! Great work on that! :D

18:41 Sat 12/22/2018
Lily the pink
Thank you so much!!! <3

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