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  • 20:22 Mon 12/10/2018
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Scar gasps for air, his frail body convulsing with the effort. The hyenas could have finished him off easily enough, but that would have been far too kind and merciful. As he lies on the ground, he can feel the last of his energy leaving him. There is no use fighting it anymore. A strange haze seems to settle over the world and everything suddenly seems quiet and peaceful. His vision blurs and fades to black.
"Muffy?" A distant voice echoed in his head.
"Yes, Taka?"
"We'll always be bestest brothers, won't we?"
"Of course! Forever and always."

Remake of:

06:29 Tue 12/11/2018
This is beautiful. I love the expressions and shading and the atmosphere around them

03:24 Thu 12/13/2018
Thank you!! I really appreciate the kind comment.

23:48 Wed 12/12/2018
Sukala A.P.
That description. ACK, THE FEELS! D"8> This is a very beautiful piece, the clouds are beautifully well done and detailed! This picture definitely looks different from it's predecessor, but both are great in my perception, though I do like the most recent one a little more. Let me just point out that Taka compared to the oldest version. He is no longer a speckled infant, just slightly younger than his brother. It makes more sense in the new version because, how can he fully talk when he's a little tiny itti bitti baby? Welp, all I've got to say is excellent work! :D

03:23 Thu 12/13/2018
I agree, I like things about both versions! I do like the stylized background in the original. But I felt the anatomy was bit iffy so I wanted to have another go at it.
And yeah! I think they were born at the same time (Taka is just kind of a runt) so I wanted to make him a bit older! Thanks for the comment!

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