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  • 19:59 Sat 12/8/2018
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Taka, shortly after getting his scar.

20:50 Sat 12/8/2018
Sukala A.P.
Poor chap. We can see that you decipted his sadness really well. I really like the background, too! Great work!

By the way, how did he get his scar in your headcanon? The TLK6NA way or the old fashioned Ahadi way? Or something else? OwO
Edited 20:53 Sat 12/8/2018

06:50 Sun 12/9/2018
Thank you!
Y'know, I'm a bit torn about that actually. I don't really consider the TLK6NA way to be canon, as those books aren't technically canon (but mostly I just don't think a buffalo giving him his scar adds much to his character or motivation). So, I'm split between thinking Ahadi gave it to him, or Mufasa did (and Mufasa feels guilty and that's why he's so lenient towards Scar later on). Idk, I have to think about it more!

16:38 Mon 12/10/2018
Sukala A.P.
Hey, the one with Mufasa giving him the Scar actually makes more sense! I'm going to add it to my headcanon! :D

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