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  • 18:22 Fri 12/7/2018
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Well, it's certainly been a while! And by a while I mean like 8 years...whoops.

If anyone is still around from the old days and remembers me, feel free to say hi! And I look forward to meeting new faces as well.

As for the drawing, I don't know what's going on here, but poor Simba looks befuddled at whatever Timon is talking about.

19:48 Fri 12/7/2018
Sukala A.P.
Hello there! It's great to have some old faces around here! That a really great picture there! Lookin' forward to see more! :)

21:42 Fri 12/7/2018
Hey, thanks! It's fun to be back here and see so many new people. Love your art style, btw!

22:35 Sat 12/8/2018
Hello! :D I wasn't here the last time you were. :D

Timon is probably trying to explain that lions were really born to eat bugs after all not that silly meat stuff. xD

16:02 Sat 12/15/2018
Heeeyy! Long time no see :D Fantastic to see you back!

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