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  • 02:46 Fri 12/7/2018
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In a universe where Scar doesn't die at the end of the movie and instead is offered an exile and takes it, along with some faithful followers, to start his own pride elsewhere. Sarabi, concerned about Zira's newborn cubs fathered by Scar, argues for Zira to stay in the Pridelands as her only crime was being in love with the tyrant king. But she still doesn't trust her.

This is an AU which is presented on an rp site a few of us put together cause we wanted to get our some TLK jollies!

03:02 Sat 12/8/2018
Sukala A.P.
Hey, very interesting AU! Even in my headcanon I think Sarabi was compassionate toward Zira! I'm guessing that in this AU where Scar doesn't die, when told to run away and never return by Simba, he actually did instead of throwing embers at Simba's face. Have I guessed it right? :D

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