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  • 23:23 Sat 12/1/2018
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might muck about and draw a couple of lions...

(also update, not getting a lot of time or motivation to visit here as much. been going ahead with my acting course and graphic deisgn a level!! :D)

15:41 Sun 12/2/2018
Hi Charry! It's nice to see you around! I think it's awesome that you're doing an acting course and graphic design a-level! (I would love to do a voice acting role someday and I'm currently in my second year of my UAL Graphic Design course (and barely scraping through in my first project to be honest-sadly it's been very stressful for me over the past couple of months and I'm not having any motivation to complete it.) Sorry to do on that tangent there. I wish you the best of luck!! :D

10:14 Mon 12/3/2018
hey painty!! glad to catch up a bit!! :D

i’ve done a lot of growing up in the past few months coming out of school and entering the aDuLt world, and been realising that i can do what i love! and hey, that awesome you wanna do a voice acting role- get involved! honestly, i’ve been out and about and realised that any kind of work you do in acting or art can be freelance or created independently, especially with the wonderful thing that is social media and things like patreon. (even then i still want to go to drama school- i wanna do the best i can!! ahah) good luck with your graphic design course- i’m sure inspiration will strike you soon!! c:

also thank you very much!! it’s only forward from here on out tbh. :0

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