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I originally wanted to submit an entry to the previous contest (the one with Pridelanders and Outsiders having their roles reversed), but couldn't even start the entry before the contest ended. I still wanted to draw Nuka, Kovu and Vitani as Pridelanders though, so there you have it!

With Nuka being all fabulous, termite-free and clean, his name wouldn't make sense anymore. But Vitani and Kovu would make sure that it still does.

23:11 Mon 11/26/2018
Aww I'm sorry you couldn't make the contest, but I'm glad you decided to do this pic anyway. I love the idea and Nuka looks so regal!

16:41 Tue 11/27/2018
Sukala A.P.
Thank you. :) He won't be regal for long with what's coming for him... >:3

21:40 Tue 11/27/2018
You're welcome, and yeah very true. :)

23:02 Tue 11/27/2018
Alan the leopard
To me he's got an air of Brian May (when young) with that new haircut of his... ;P

Lovely work that also reminds me a lot of Tima´s masterpieces.

00:44 Wed 11/28/2018
Sukala A.P.
Bahahahahah, yeah he does! Thanks for the visual, 'might draw this hilarious idea! xD

This comparaison to that legend of a TLKFAA artist flatters me. I too enjoy her works. Is it because of the quality and style in my art that makes it similar to Tima's?

08:24 Wed 11/28/2018
Alan the leopard
Then call it "Crazy little thing called draw", and make "The Lion QUEEN" depicting the four of them. We already have Nuka as Brian May ("Nukan May?"), but who would play the other three?... Vitany Mercury? Kovu Deacon? Who would be the fourth one? :P Msanii Taylor? Isn't it A kind of Magic? The show must go on, because We Will rock you, because We are the campions, while you are not a Fat-bottomed girl ;P

Yup, it reminded me of Tima´s works, but mostly because of Vitani and Kovu to the background (their design, poses, facial expressions and so on).
Edited 08:28 Wed 11/28/2018

04:58 Wed 11/28/2018

06:52 Sun 12/9/2018
Ha, I really dig this! I love how soft the colors are and how the cartoony style of the BG compliments the style of the characters so well. I agree with Alan that I definitely see some resemblance to Tima's stuff here!

16:44 Mon 12/10/2018
Sukala A.P.
AAAAA Thank you very much!!! OwO

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