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Zira if she was a Pride Lander (or a plain African lion instead of a Tsavo one, based on my Sukalaverse theory).

Just look at her! Still don't believe that she could be Kion's real mother?

23:03 Tue 11/27/2018
Alan the leopard
She could rival Nala in handsomeness was this real.

00:23 Wed 11/28/2018
Sukala A.P.
Eh, it's true! She would indeed have looked like a competent beauty that could probably charm Simba, all while Nala watches with her distraught face. xD Now that would make an interesting AU (Alternate Universe)!

Buuuuut I think it's already kinda the case in my headcanon, though it does not have AU Zira.
Edited 02:32 Wed 11/28/2018

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