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  • The Lion Guard
  • 19:21 Sat 11/17/2018
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So this is from that one episode of the Lion Guard with Zira, Vitani, Kovu and Nuka. I was SO happy to finally see that they were gonna be on! Finally some answers and what not to connect Lion Guard with TLK 2 aaaaaaaaaaaaannnd I got nothing :(. I was disappointed with the episode overall but it was still great seeing them again, and they had the original voice actors too! I tried a different shading style since I see a lot of other artists shade like this and I wanted to try it... I think it turned out ok? I don't know I tried... Hope you enjoy!

07:56 Sun 11/18/2018
Nice pic. However, someone else was voicing Zira. Her original voice actor died in 2008.

16:59 Sun 11/18/2018
No kidding! I could've sworn the commercial said it was all returning! Ah well, at least Nuka, Kovu and Vitani were the same ;)

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