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  • 16:37 Sun 11/4/2018
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chara from the game Impressive Space

02:55 Mon 11/5/2018
Sukala A.P.
Oooo, interesting. What's the game about? :)

21:58 Mon 11/5/2018
Thank you :) IS is similar to Feral Heart. Online MMORPG. As I know these games are from one author but I can be wrong. It doesn`t have any exact plot.. You can create a character which is a lion or wolf and play as it, collecting items, speaking with other players, fighting enemies.. I play it sometimes to relax x)

15:19 Tue 11/6/2018
Sukala A.P.
Oh! I suspected that from the game's title. Pretty much sounded like ''Impressive Title'', the game before Feral Heart! But I wasn't too sure. It sounds like fun! I'll keep that game in mind! Thank you for making me discovering it! :)

You have a lovely character, by the way!

17:09 Thu 11/8/2018
Yep! That`s almost the same game as IT, but it is mostly for russian-speakers, though I have seen there people who speak English and I guess there should be an English version of the game :)

Thank you very much ^3^

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