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Ah, little siblings. Aren't they just the best? XD

In case you don't know these characters, let me introduce them... The dark lion in the middle is Chumvi, a character from a book called 'Nala's Dare'. He's one of Nala's friends in the book. The other two lions appear as babies in a comic called 'An Unusual Choir'. They're Simba's cousins. Their names are not mentioned in the comic, but I call the one on the left Tatai and the one on the right Erevu.

Just to be clear, Chumvi is not their brother in the books/comics. That's just my fan theory.

Sorry for not being very active lately. I have a job, school, and a new kitten, so I'm pretty busy. XD

16:42 Sat 11/3/2018
Poor Chumvi's sad little face! XD

20:05 Wed 11/14/2018
Chumvi's also Kovu's dad in my book xD

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