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  • 14:12 Fri 11/2/2018
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  • Simba


What would have happened if Simba was banished to the Outlands?
Well, he'd end up with an unhealthy mane and ugly bags under his eyes... and an insatiable anger towards Scar and Zira. And he would tell little Kiara that she is the hope of the Pridelands after she got nearly killed by Zira.
My Lullaby/We Are One crossover scene for the contest.
Sorry if the clouds look pathetic.
Making this image made my four-core computer hang several times. I used IceWM, one of the lightest DEs available, yet GIMP froze the entire screen, even after closing Firefox. Either GIMP is bloatware or maybe using 20-odd layers is not the best idea.

20:47 Fri 11/2/2018
Thanks for entering the contest! This is a very creative version of an outlander Simba! Nice job! I like his mane and the bags under his eyes.

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