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  • 05:57 Tue 10/16/2018
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Kula and Tojo, my versions anyways.

09:54 Tue 10/16/2018
Naaaw, I love their designs. ^-^ And his birdies. ^-^
Edited 09:54 Tue 10/16/2018

10:49 Tue 10/16/2018
Sukala A.P.
You miss, are one of those talented fellas that has the ability to mix cartoon and realism togheter. But in your style, it just turns out amazing! I dig (with a shovel) Kula's design, her dorsal stripe and speckles are friggin' awesome! NYEEEESSSSSIIRRR! And don't forget Tojo's fabulous manestyle! And those birbies! BOI, I really love your art. It's pleasant to the eye.

That being said, keep up the amazing work!

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