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  • 21:37 Sun 10/7/2018
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Practice drawing of Vitani and finding colours I want to use for her.. seeing as shes going to be one of the main characters in my upcoming comic.... ;3

Yes, I'm planning to revive an old comic idea of mine.. working in retail and being the Christmas season coming up soon, it'll likely start early next year but you never know

09:30 Mon 10/8/2018
Brilliant Vitani! :D Interested to see your comic! :D

Isn't finding her colours annoying? xD

21:37 Fri 10/12/2018
Thank you :D will try and have it up and running soon as I'm able..

Yes! Same with Nuka... I still haven't found the correct Nuka colours.. they vary so much from scene to scene >_> XD

22:45 Fri 10/12/2018
I know right!! And he and Vitani are always in some weird lighting! What's even worse is that Disney never seem to know what colour he is supposed to be either, the amount of dark beige to dark Kovu-like brown's I have seen, even in TLG. xD
You can tell by the night scenes that he is paler than Zira (well Disney can't..xD) but I think the closest you can get in the film is when he and Vitani sabotage Kiara's hunt.

If it helps, these are some Nuka colours I finally used (although I think he's a little different for my comic?) ^-^

I'd love to see you draw a Nuka sometime. :D
Edited 22:49 Fri 10/12/2018

19:06 Mon 10/15/2018
Yes its true! The one that really gets me is the Outlands scenes.. he appears to be almost a lighter colour of Kovu.. next scene his colours are light and almost greyish!!

Another good scene to see his colours next to Zira is the ambush scene, just before he chases Simba up the logs.

Thanks for those! :D I do need to draw him again!
These are a couple of past pics I've done for him though..

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