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  • 02:09 Thu 10/4/2018
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a tlk fan art I made in pĥotoshop it took me around 9 hours to complete

16:28 Thu 10/4/2018
Sukala A.P.
Hey, that's a fantastic piece! You're off at a great start! The nine hours it took you was definitely worth it! You did an amazing work on the background, great details! And that's a nice-looking Simba.

Keep up the great work! I'm looking forward for more gems like this one. :)

04:34 Sun 10/7/2018
thx :D im glad you like it im propably going to do more the Lion King Fan art in the future I think I might do a art inspired on the song ''love will find a way'' because it is one of my favorite love song and I fell the lion king 2 deserve it fan art dont you think? :3

20:41 Thu 10/4/2018
Wow very nice! I love the vibrant colors and just how "big" it all feels with the wide open sky and distant rolling hills. Great job with the shading too!

04:40 Sun 10/7/2018
thank you so much for your comment :) it is so fun to see that other people enjoy my arts as a matter of fact i never drew TLK art before so im quite impressed with the final result of this one ^^

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