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Heir to Pride Rock, 46.

Ooo, flashback time! Most of the dialogue on this page is from this: I changed some bits to make the text shorter.

15:50 Sat 9/22/2018
Wow i loved this page, and let me guess, that is a relative of Hodari right?

That gecko look cool and dramatic

Good job with all the page

07:31 Fri 9/28/2018
Thanks! Yeah, he's probably Hodari's brother or cousin. :P

01:02 Sun 9/23/2018
XD 'Whyyyy' XD

19:59 Tue 9/25/2018
The cheetah character reminds me of mine Duma. I need to start drawing him more. I need to start drawing again. Too bad Windows 10 doesn't wanna cooperate D:

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