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"Hey look! A rabbit!","Well check THAT one out, two lions fighting!"

Taka fell silent a moment, then looked at his brother. "Muffy? Promise that we won't ever become you and me?"

"Of course not! Besides, you and me will be together amongst the Great Kings!"

The orange cubs eyes light up. "You really think i'll be up there too? Even though I'm not gonna be King?"

Mufasa grinned brightly as his brother. "I know so, because I'll make sure of it!"


Planned as part of a larger piece, but I thought it worked well as a stand alone picture too, aaaand just in case I never finish the larger piece thought I might as well upload it. First time drawing Muffy and Taka together as cubs :3

09:34 Tue 9/18/2018
Naaaaaaaw! ^-^

21:36 Sun 10/7/2018
^_^ teehee

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