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Ooooh, apparently everything was just a dream! I totally thought Zira changing into a fire Scar was a real thing. That's totally a realistic thing that could really happen, after all!

04:34 Sun 9/16/2018
Oh Zazu, you've got so so old! X)
Can't wait to see your designs of Timon and Pumbaa. In the original TLK thay like, I don't know, never age or something...

10:29 Mon 9/17/2018
Sukala A.P.
They're probably going to appear later on in the comic. c:

21:41 Sun 9/16/2018
Oooooh this look is getting very interesting! Your comic style is so unique to most TLK comics I've seen :3 cant wait to read more

10:29 Mon 9/17/2018
Sukala A.P.
Glad you're enjoying it! Thank you! :)

05:40 Thu 9/20/2018
Basically Lion King's version of Hell xD

16:39 Thu 9/20/2018
Sukala A.P.
An episode of The Lion Guard (Rise of Scar) will tell more about this particular version of Hell, the place where bad, mean, evil lions go. ;)

Comment deleted.
14:57 Sat 9/22/2018
Poor Kovu! :(
Zazu looks so old. XD I love the 3rd panel, so cool!

21:37 Mon 9/24/2018
Sukala A.P.
Thank you! :D

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