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  • 21:46 Mon 9/10/2018
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I wonder what new plans Simba has made for himself and his best friend!

I.. really don't have enough of these two in my gallery ; xD

But improvement from this?? (2014!!):

14:18 Tue 9/11/2018
Sukala A.P.
Oh look, it's our two beloved rascals. Golden brat and peach-colored lassie. Such a wonderful duo they are. <3

In that version, Simba is luckier since Nala isn't offering him royal humiliation for dinner like in the older version. But wait... maybe in this version, it takes place BEFORE Nala pins the crap out of Simba! Because, well, Simba is probably saying stupidly boastful stuff. And look at Nala! She looks interested in what he says, but I feel that she's containing her annoyance and slightly twitches her eye... before making sure golden brat shuts up and they both start their daily routine of harmless wrestling. xD

Hm, there is indeed a noticeable change between the older and newer piece. Your colors are less bright than they were now. Did you just started to use colors from other images to color your characters or you did before?
Edited 14:19 Tue 9/11/2018

17:10 Tue 9/11/2018
I'm impressed with the detail you put into that description!! ...And it does fit well XD

Thanks! Yes.. with my old programme I wasn't able to accurately pick colours from screenshots because it used to mess them up, but my updated version is better sooo I used it to grab proper colours from screenshots to see how it turned out. I like the result! :D

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