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  • 07:42 Sun 9/9/2018
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I decided to give a character I drew (way back in 2009 WHOOF) a teensy bit of a revamp! I didn't change all. Just wanted to redraw him! I loved him a lot when I was younger.

I might go back and revisit & redraw some older characters of mine.

18:57 Sun 9/9/2018
Galactic Vegetable!! *waves* :D

He looks really cool! :D
Edited 18:57 Sun 9/9/2018

02:59 Mon 9/10/2018
Thanks!! I've been trying to find a decent way to get back on this site haha <3

16:43 Mon 9/10/2018
Yay! Welcome back! :D:D <3

18:26 Mon 9/10/2018
Sukala A.P.
I liked him better when he had black stripes on his mane instead of the black smudges he currently has, now. But I do see the improvement you achieved since then. I like his sassy attitude! Great work! :)

23:35 Mon 9/10/2018
I do too to be perfectly honest ;w; i just was having trouble making the stripes look natural. And thanks!! <3

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