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  • 16:24 Thu 9/6/2018
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I decided to draw up Bandit, and since it's been awhile, I felt I'd post it here.
Now, I'm sure a lot of the people I used to know on here back when I was active are no longer on here, but i still wanted to leave a little message.
This website really was the biggest thing in my life when I turned about 12 years old. The sense of community was so strong, and everyone was so pleasant. I made some incredible friends here and sometimes I miss it, despite how little I really draw anything I could even post here.
So, yeah. I'm still around, I'm doing alright in life, and I am still doing art. If you'd like to see me post art more often, follow my Instagram uglyastro_art !!!

16:34 Thu 9/6/2018
Aw I’ve missed your art! This is so amazing :D

16:40 Thu 9/6/2018
Thank you so much!! I'm so glad to see people are still around haha this site has become so much harder to navigate!

09:54 Sat 9/8/2018
Heyo Bandit! Long time no see, I’ve missed you and your art, glad to hear you’re doing okay! :3

13:40 Sun 9/9/2018
Hey! I've missed you as well! I hope things are going well :)

21:20 Sun 9/9/2018
*hugs* yup things are good thanks :3

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