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  • 21:44 Tue 9/4/2018
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Wow.. don't remember the last time I uploaded here O.o sorry guys! Going to make an effort to upload here more often :3


An experiment to test out my new tablet! <3 finally replacing my first one after 7 years and worth it! Sooo much more comfortable to draw with and its really helped me to feel inspired.

So here's Nala, referenced her colours from a screenshot to get more accurate colours for her. I also referenced the background as I wanted to try my hand at a jungle bg.

16:53 Fri 9/7/2018
Sukala A.P.
Oh wow! It's been a while! Glad to have an update from you, dearest Doodles! :D That's a sublime-looking Nala. I like how you painted the background, too! Great work!

18:19 Fri 9/7/2018
Thank you Sukie! :D I'll make an effort to be more active here, I do still love this website.. :3

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