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  • 18:49 Tue 9/4/2018
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This is Zuberi, this cub is one of the cubs of the most unexpected pair in the pridelands, Tiifu and Nuka.

In my universe, they met before Kiara's first hunt, and they sometimes met in secret when they werent busy.

They where very in love, because they understand each other. Before Nuka die they got a little busy at night and months later after the union of the prides, Tiifu gave birth of two cubs, one of them is Zuberi.

He is a sweet cub, but he can be very grumpy and stuborn, but hes always try his best to be friendly.

I hope you like it

16:52 Fri 9/7/2018
Sukala A.P.
Oh, Nuka and Tiifu togheter? That's interesting! I think they belong togheter, they would be so cute! <333 You did a lovely work designing their love child!

20:00 Fri 9/7/2018
oooh thank you, thats very nice of you

maybe i can draw the second child but that would be later

anyways thanks for your comment

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