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Hey guys! Did you miss seeing your favourite canadian maneless lion? Well here she is... In different dimensions!

12:41 Mon 8/27/2018
Oh man Sukala looks super adorable in all of these styles!! I specially love the Kimba and Don't Starve ones. She looks like she'd fit right in!

15:20 Tue 8/28/2018
Sukala A.P.
Glad you think so! Thank you! :)

15:57 Mon 8/27/2018
I love the Garfield and Kimba ones, but they're all really awesome~ <3
This might be one of the first times I've seen a mountain lion in Matt Groening's distinctive style!
Seeing all these cute images of Sukala has me wanting to some style shifts, haha! Thanks very much for the inspiration. :3

- Edited to fix my mistake, sorry about that! ^^;
Edited 02:36 Tue 8/28/2018

21:22 Mon 8/27/2018
Sukala A.P.
Sukala is not a lion. Well, yes... but no. (She's a cougar, but also as a mountain lion.) OH WELL! Let's just say it's your first time seeing a big cat in Matt Groening's distinctive style! ;)
Glad to be able to inspire you, mate! Many thanks for the pleasant comment! <3

17:27 Mon 8/27/2018
Lily the pink
My favorite is Kimba and Garfield since I use to watch those TV shows when I was younger <3
And, The Simpson's style is awesome too!

I am unfamiliar with "Don't starve" but it reminds me of a Halloween style (which is creepy yet cool)

Sukala is a beautiful character, and awesome work mimicking the different cartoon styles

15:34 Tue 8/28/2018
Sukala A.P.
I most likely read the Garfield comics rather than it's spin-off shows, but it's great to read that you used to watch the shows. ;)

And thank you so much! I need to draw her more often. ^^'

00:25 Wed 9/19/2018
These are amazing! You're amazing!
I love your art and your art style!

16:35 Thu 9/20/2018
Sukala A.P.
Well, in this case here, I've used different art styles than my own (aside from the little doodle on the bottom left). But thank you very much! Glad you like it! :)

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