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  • 22:59 Mon 8/20/2018
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Tfw your future brother-in-law tells you you're his mate now because he's an entitled brat so you go to vent to your bestie because if you were mean to him your future mate would ask you not to yell at his Precious Baby Brother

Relatable, right?

Idk lol I just wanted to write something with cub/teen Sarabi being upset at something Taka did.
I also wrote a big dialogue that you can read on my dA :P

12:16 Thu 8/23/2018
Sukala A.P.
I thought it was Simba and Nala at first.
I just LOVE how you decipted Sarabi as a fluffy youngster, with cub Simba's features! It's actually different! 8D Great work!

00:42 Tue 1/22/2019
Unknown Person
I also thought that it was Simba and Nala.
Please allow the question. what does "dA" mean? I know, everyone will know, but not me.

Good picture :D

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