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  • 20:57 Mon 8/13/2018
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Sorry for not uploading much ^^' Been going through a bit of an art block! Anyways though, here's a lil Kopa! I've been trying out different art styles, I hope you like this one :>

Any feedback is appreciated! <3

04:30 Wed 8/22/2018
Art blocks are the worst but please fight it and keep uploading! I'm obsessed with your colouring technique, the saturation of colour and the way you design eyes is so pleasing to look at. ❤ I think this is definitely a good art style for you to expand on. :)

00:00 Thu 8/23/2018
Aw thank you so much!! <3 That really means a lot! I've always been a fan of saturated and * sparkly * art styles and I'm glad it looks good when mixed with TLK!

11:59 Thu 8/23/2018
Sukala A.P.
Hey, that's really cute! <3 I love his thick mane tuft! And his BRIGHT eyes! Jesus, they're so bright! O_o
Great work!

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