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  • 02:20 Wed 8/8/2018
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I wish a Simba/Kimba crossover was canon

07:03 Sat 8/11/2018
This is adorable^^

23:55 Sat 8/11/2018
Thank you! :)

05:08 Sat 8/18/2018
Sukala A.P.
I was exactly thinking the same! That would also fix up the similarities/copyright wars between these two beloved franchises! :D If that won't happen though, who said we cannot write our fanmade stories involving these two precious lil' beans? (I'm planning on writing à fanfic on them one day.)

This is such a cute piece of work! Simba and Kimba look so cuddly and have decent anatomy, aside of Simba having an arm a little bit too long compared to his other limbs. Their tails tufts... What's the shiny stuff on it? Looks like a spider web made of shiny stuff. And look at Kimba's paw pads! They're so SHINY! Did he put nail polish on it? And their cheeks... Yep, there's shine there too.

I dig your art style, it's enjoyable to look at. Keep up the amazing work! ;)

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