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Scar meditating. It's actually not so uncommon that managers or people in high leader positions meditate. I assume it helps them to focus.

Of course I used that picture of Rafiki as help.

I tried a different drawing style for the outlines to make them look more like in the movie.

Character © Disney
Artwork © by me

15:56 Sun 8/19/2018
Sukala A.P.
Well, that's certainly different coming from Scar. x3

17:15 Sun 1/20/2019
It sure is XD

23:41 Mon 9/3/2018
Lord Zephyr
HAHA! I love this. :) Great work... Wonder what he's thinking about... :)

17:16 Sun 1/20/2019
Thank you very much :) I wonder that too XD

Comment deleted.
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