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  • The Lion Guard
  • 17:57 Mon 7/23/2018
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  • Zira


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Alternate universe royal family.

00:23 Tue 7/24/2018
I canon that pairing too. I have my own desing of kion being son of simba and zira

But that picture, is very awesome, good job
Edited 00:36 Tue 7/24/2018

10:48 Tue 7/24/2018
Sukala A.P.
Personally, I think Kion's official design is enough to make him look like Simba and Zira's offspring. But it's good to know you've redesigned him for that.

Thank you! :)

01:31 Tue 7/24/2018
I love Simba's expression of 'why did this happen?' and Kion's being just flat out confusion. Zira is proud though so good for her. xD

I love all the colours, did you go for a Disney-er style than your own? It looks different. :D

11:14 Tue 7/24/2018
Sukala A.P.
My artwork has pretty much always been intended to mimic the Lion King/Disney style for obvious reasons, but there is also a great touch of my own art style when you look closely and compare my fanart to Lion King screenshots. ;)
Edited 12:25 Tue 7/24/2018

02:55 Tue 7/24/2018
Lily the pink
It reminds me of my last family Christmas picture where my mother was the only one who looked happy and everyone else seemed annoyed LOL

Such bright colors from those pencil crayons <3
and, lovely family picture too!
Edited 02:55 Tue 7/24/2018

11:15 Tue 7/24/2018
Sukala A.P.
Hehe, I guess that's relatable. xD
Thank you!

16:45 Tue 7/24/2018
I just love the coloring here

19:20 Tue 7/24/2018
Sukala A.P.
Glad you do! Thanks! :)

20:07 Wed 8/15/2018
Ils me font rire... :3

23:42 Mon 9/3/2018
Lord Zephyr
Oh my... That is different! :)

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