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  • 00:45 Mon 7/23/2018
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I don't post on here often, but I do try to make sure I have something relevant to upload at least once a year. This is by far the oldest site I've got that I post my artwork to, and it's just become such a nice place to chronicle and look at progress over the years :).

Anyways, here's an African wild dog. I've been trying to really establish something of a painterly art style, but am still working on finding my way with it.

If you enjoy my artwork, I'm a lot more prolific here:

12:03 Tue 7/24/2018
Sukala A.P.
That's a great digital painting! You did a lovely work with the fur details! :)

19:45 Thu 7/26/2018
Thank you so much, Sukala!! That means a lot to me :). Depicting fur is something that I'm still really struggling with.

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