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  • 22:01 Tue 7/17/2018
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This contest theme made me happy so I did up a quick little cute thing. uwu

01:54 Wed 7/18/2018
Lily the pink
Oh my gosh! I might faint with all this cuteness! 8D

Adorable pic, and good luck with the contest!

21:38 Thu 7/19/2018
AHhAHah thanks very much!! I couldn't resist joining with something with the theme HAha

13:45 Wed 7/18/2018
Sukala A.P.
Oh my Mufasa, this is so precious!! These gals look like such innocent treasures in this style! And Kiara has such big fluffy eyelashes! <333 I love this!
Good luck in the contest! ;D

21:39 Thu 7/19/2018
Hehe thanks very much!

00:11 Sun 7/22/2018
This is lovely ^_^ Kiara turned out especially nice, though I like Kovu here too! The shiny eyes are gorgeous and I love those little sheens on their tail tufts; I dunno, they look designy which gives an interesting look :D

20:35 Thu 8/2/2018
AAhh gosh thanks so much! haha I thought tail tufts were a unique opportunity for curls and shine. I'm a sucker for some hair sheen lmao

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