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  • 05:04 Fri 7/13/2018
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I saw the new Archive-Wide Art Contest theme and noticed the words Scar, Chibi and Cute in the description and I immediately had to draw Scar as a Chibi X3

He's so terrifyingly cute <3

18:18 Fri 7/13/2018
Sukala A.P.
You know what? I'm CONVINCED that your pen is actually a magic wand that turn everything into DANGEROUSLY cute stuff! When you try to draw a creepy villain, you get this picture I commented on! (Even though it's obviously cute on purpose, here.)

Good luck in the contest! :)

02:01 Tue 7/17/2018
Lily the pink
My pen is magic wand that makes everything cute!? I wonder if there is a magic pen that can make stuff look ferocious? I must find the other pens!

and thank you for the Lovely comment <3

19:09 Fri 7/13/2018
Aw, this looks exactly like what I imagined when I made that comment about Scar hehe! ^_^ You know what makes him even more adorable here? That grumpy expression haha. It's like he's trying to look intimidating but can't, which makes him even more grumpy and annoyed XD The mix of pastel and bright colors also adds to the cuteness! <3

01:42 Tue 7/17/2018
Lily the pink
He must be the original "grumpy cat"

or perhaps he is grumpy because I made him cute and not evil like he wanted XD

and thank you so much for the sweet comment <3

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