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  • 14:34 Mon 7/9/2018
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Decided to re do an old Lion King drawing from back in 2009 :)

Original -

Artwork (c) Jems
Simba (c) Disney

17:52 Fri 7/13/2018
Sukala A.P.
Can I be honest with ya? There's not so much changes between the two versions. The only few differences I see is that Simba's lineart has darker colors instead of plain black (Plus he has whiskers this time), the rock details have changed a little, the blurry moon is gone, you added an acacia tree on the bottom of Pride Rock (which did not really change beside that) and there's a degraded in the sky. Also, Simba's pose did not really change.

...Okay, that's alot of changes, but the two pictures still look REALLY similar. But they both look very great! I guess it's just the quality of your art that changed.

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