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This picture takes place when Kopa was still around and when the outsider lionesses recently settled in the Outlands.

The hyenas in the picture are the well known hyena trio, Asante (Shenzi and Banzai's daughter) and Janja and his crew (When they were younger). By the way, Janja in my universe is Banzai's nephew since he is the son of Banagi, who was Banzai's brother. (Banagi is not shown here because he died during the battle at Pride Rock.) Also, Cheezi is Ed's son.

This picture was before the hyenas fled from the Outlands for good to who-knows-where. Away from anything that has to do with lions. Away from their past.

Only Janja and his crew stayed thanks to their craving for vengeance and power.

15:52 Mon 7/9/2018
Lily the pink

the colors and the hyena's facial expressions are very vivid and rich, Excellent work! *fav's*

15:59 Mon 7/9/2018
Sukala A.P.
Thank you! :)

04:19 Tue 7/10/2018
You really did an incredible job here. I love the background, atmosphere and how every character is in a different pose and expression.

18:20 Tue 7/10/2018
Sukala A.P.
Thank you very much. :)

16:07 Thu 7/12/2018
Naaw little baby Cheezi! ^-^

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