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  • 1. Pre-Lion King
  • 13:46 Sun 7/8/2018
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  • Uru


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Characters from the right to the left:

Uru, a semi-canon character (my version of her). She'll become King Ahadi's mate and Mufasa and Scar's mother. But here she's not married to Ahadi yet.

Angu, my original character. Uru's littermate. He'll become Hasara's mate and Deni's father later. Right now he's happily single.

Kiume, my original character. Uru's other littermate. He's Hasidi's mate and will become Uma's father later.

Hasidi, my original character. She's Kiume's mate and will become Uma's mother later.

Full description:

16:18 Sun 7/8/2018
Gorgeous work as always^^ Love their designs and this piece's composition

19:24 Sun 7/8/2018
Thanks! :D

14:11 Mon 7/9/2018
Sukala A.P.
Woah Nad', you make alot of interesting fan characters with unique designs! Some are complicated to remember since your TLK family trees has alot of fan characters. But it's still enjoyable to look at!

I love the painted background here, it very well made! Amazing work as always! :D

14:25 Tue 7/10/2018
Thanks! Yes, some are complicated to remember even for me... XD

05:21 Tue 7/10/2018
The males look like Kovu!

Also I'm a little sad because Wolf 777's account is inactive :(

14:21 Tue 7/10/2018
Well, their sister is Kovu's great-great-grandmother. ;)

Was he/she your friend?

02:33 Fri 7/13/2018
Yes he was. He commented on a lot of my artwork and now he's gone :'(

13:36 Sun 8/5/2018
That's sad. :(

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